A didactic,
L’exposition Internationale de Paris (1937)

The Crampton no 80, delivered to the Chemins de Fer de l’Est in 1852 and currently conserved at the Cité du Train, is one of the most iconic locomotives of the history of railways. It was nicknamed the “railway greyhound” and was on display from 1946 at Gare de l’Est. Given a label and placed under the work by Albert Herter named Leaving for war – August 1914, the machine was protected by distancing sculptures. It was presented the following year in the Gare Saint-Lazare at an exhibition organised jointly by SNCF and AFAC and was put back into service in ///. In 1967, it was one of the main characters of the series La Princesse du Rail. An engineering and television idol, it confirmed its status as a heritage piece a few years later.